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released July 15, 2015

Recorded by Aaron Beale.
Mixed & Mastered by Sam Bassal.

Artwork by Jonathan Chai.



all rights reserved


DREGG Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Riddle Me This
Leave the town to be one with the crown
See through three eyes from the back of my mouth
Pumping in my chest like a solar plexus
And I'll fuck the world until I break the nest
Track Name: Goof Troop
I can't find my body
Cause at the end of the day we're all nothing
Strange mortals with curious customs
Make them hang from a rope if you push the wrong buttons
Nothing more than a ball of apes falling through the cosmos
Who's to fucking say that I'm wasting my experience?
I'm here to live, I'm here to breathe
Not here to dream, not here to sleep
I'll waste my time at my own god damn pace
Until I waste enough time to expire from this place
Don't make me jump from a building
Don't make me hang from a ceiling
For some bitch or bastard
Who doesn't care if I'm living
The moon shines when the sky goes dark
To highlight the faces of lovers fucking in the park
We're accustomed to this sadness and this coupling pain
But we lose our minds when we've been ridden with shame
Nobody's gonna save you
Nobody's gonna come to your aid
Nobody's gonna love you
Or bring relief to your world of pain
Wake up
Fuck you
Track Name: Get Owt
Look at you, you're all dolled up dear
For a man that you love, for a man that you fear
You've made your bed now go lay in it
But remember dear that bed ain't his
He stumbles through that door with a drink in his grip
You walk right up and kiss him straight on the lips
Chrome to your dome, now your home is your new tomb

She stands in clear sight, stripping for the boys through her window right at midnight
Scroll and stroll through her body, watch them all take a glance at her ass, she's waiting for your call
Body bags and saturated rags have filled the space between the floor and your mattress
Going crazy looking at her photograph, throats both begging for the squeeze of each others hands
She sits in her bedroom every night, hands in her pants while she relives every fight
You're a monster, you hit her but you love her
Your life is a mess and it's too late to love her
She lays on the floor, you stare at the wall
You can't do this to her anymore
She's holding onto him in his slumber
Holding on to him because she couldn't find another
Track Name: Dawg Dayz ft. Dale Tanner
Silence, you're biased
Oh fuck
The kettle's done, hear it whistle, feel the water boil
The grass is grown, feel it burning down into the soil
The soul and brain combine, we're living in the sky
You can't escape the thoughts you'll have even if you try
Don't try to justify a good time
Mind your own damn business
An invitation to the back of my skull
Stay in here life never gets dull
Welcome to the land of peace
Where you're sheltered from your best friends misbeliefs
I'll make a home in your head, I'll be the man in the walls
I'll find my way to your thoughts
Show you where enlightenment lies
And where we send hate to die
This is the outlet of my dawg days
This is the only thing that keeps me sane
Track Name: Curriculum Critters
Fuck the world, be as bitter as you please
They're not the ones with all this angst to release
Curriculum critters tried to fill my brain
Making me think I'm the weakest link in the chain
A voice for the kids who jump the train everywhere they go
A voice for the kids who raised themselves all on their own
Headphones on, worshipping their favorite bands
Dreams of their own they can't explain to their mums and dads
Now it's a crime to live your life without a plan
Day by day, and hope you make it to the end
Well I don't give a fuck, I'm gonna raise hell anyway
I couldn't give a fuck what you have to say
Recondition, bad decision, fear driven, you're not living
All I needed was a leader to listen
Called me a mistake and pushed me out of the system
Now dreams and reality are worlds apart
All at the fault of where I stood at the start
No one cares if you're falling behind
You must be fucking sick if no one's there by your side
Pushed and kicked until my face hit the dirt
I'm walking out of these halls feeling it's that I'm worth